I Will Not Fall

Though I cannot feel them, I know that they are there. Though I cannot see them, I know that they watch me. Though I cannot hear them, I know their lips speak of me. All my steps are numbered, and I seem destined to fall. And immediately when I fall, I hear the echo of my failure. I see my goals, and they seem so far. There's so many rocks along this road, and my feet are bleeding from the miles they've swallowed. It scares me to the bone to know that I may fail. It scares me to have familiar eyes look into my own with a scent of unease. It scares me even more to even have a chance to give up. Yet I know that God is there forevermore and with Him... I Will Not Fall. It scares me to imagine never having a seed of my own. It scares me to believe that I may never have a friend that will spend the rest of life with me; united as one. It scares me to think that I can not blend into familiar voices. Yet I know that God is there forevermore and with Him... I Will Not Fall. 
Horseshoe Fall, Niagara (LOC)

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Indian lotus

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I'm tired, and my body begs for mercy. I'm cold, and the sun is shrouded. I'm thirsty, and this water never satisfies. But God, and God alone, cherishes me in my deepest storm. Like a Lotus Flower, that rises from the dust of a pond, so the Lord took me out of a life of misery. A past? Indeed I do have a past. But I am now found at last. And I shall now run into His arms. Those arms that were always out to me. And with my Lord in this path... I Will Not Fall.

I've found something, someone, somewhere to cherish. I now can believe, that... I Will Not Fall. And perhaps I may exceed, and I Will Not Fall. And trust me that I know, that even in this sea that towers 100 feet over me, I Will Not Drown, for my God is my breath of life. In this cliff that sinks miles beneath me, I Will Not Fall, for my Father holds my hands. And in this Road, I Will Not Stop, for hands wait for me at the end.

Listen to the familiar voices, they now mute and are not too loud. See the familiar faces, they now blur into the crowd. Feel the familiar hands, they now crumble as quick as sand.Christ alone, has given me this Call.  And here me once more... I Will Not Fall. 
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

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blue flower

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Always There

Even after all I've done, all I am, and everything I am not, A God so merciful, so beautiful, and caring looks me directly in the eyes and says "I love you, Son. I'll always take you back." Not only does He do this once, but rather always. In my darkest hour, He's there, even when I say He is not, His grip on my hand stands firm. Can I even express how much God loves? Can I even begin to return all His affections? Are not my words void compared to His?
Listen to Take me as I am by FM Static, Take You Back by Jeremy camp, and Tears of the Saints by Leeland. The songs themselves express words that I cannot even begin to explain about how great is my God.
I am a wise fool. I am a sinner that is rotten to the core. In fact, I can guarantee that everything I tell you about myself is vain. Now, I can also tell you who God has made me. God was my shield through all pain, even when I failed to realize that He was there. God is the only thing that's worth saying out of these lips. God was the one that took me out of a life that was surely destined for Hell. But perhaps the story behind the change between who I am now and who I was is one that shall not touch your ears just yet. Though, you can surely ask me to, and perhaps I will tell.
I am more of a fool than I am wise. In fact, my wisdom has a constant fight with my foolishness. A fight I must bear from day to day. It is not easy whatsoever. Yet, I know that God gives us no burden too heavy to carry. God in fact knows what I desire most. A true family and a true friend. That's it. I want nothing else, for anything else is void. Yet if the Word says "Delight yourself in the Lord, and the Lord will grant you the desires of your heart" Ps. 37:4, I surely realize that delighting myself in His presence is the only way.
But I fail. No, that's an understatement: I fail miserably. 
Tears were nothing capable of expressing how indescribable God is to me. A God that loves me intimately and sings me lullabies when my torments are great. My God, my God, my awesome and wonderful God.  How is it that God can take my filthy hands and lead me? When did I even begin to deserve all these wonders of His? 
You're never too worthless for Jesus to accept you with open arms. You will never be looked differently for failing by God. You will never be failed. You will always be loved. For God is love, and all love leads back to God, and without God there is no love. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Do you?


That's the God I praise...

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With a pen in my hand, the world becomes a story. A story that we are yet to tell. With a brush between our fingers, oh do I wonder what about life is not a canvas. A canvas to write on. And to me, it remains inexplicable how could God create all that we see, all that we feel, even all the we breathe. In a matter of six days. All that inspires derives from a God perfect in his creation. No flaw, no dent, no crooked or too foul a scent, for all he held before His mighty hand had a purpose in its elaboration. He that made out of our beautiful tongues, an exquisite speech, with melodious harmonies to hum and sing. A wonderful spiritual being, one that created beautiful green eyes, one that created all but a wonderful sky, and indeed the same God that created that   wonderful ingredient in Momma's pies. That's the God I praise. A God that I see through all of creation. A God that sends my mind to far off destinations. A God that fills me with holiness and all-wonderful sensations.
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It's not a how, not a why, or even a when, but rather a wow. Because awesome this is, and wonderful you are. A God that teaches me to love, and makes me contemplate the sky and all its beautiful doves. A God that makes me dwell in those eyes, a God that tells me no lies. One to deliver me, the same God that commanded thousands of tiny raindrops to form a rainbow in the heavens... That's the God I praise... A God perfect in His creation.
Who am I to say that I love? For I was loved before my creation. A God that knew me from the womb, and sang me lullabies as I came back to life in the moment of my birth. How can my words express who you are, O God? How can these lips even taste the saccharine excellence that you are? My soul is that of venom when it speaks nothing of you, yet as sweet an essence of Lilies when you dwell in my lips.
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That's the God that I praise, the God that I love. How can I say that I love, if you love even more. My love is nothing compared to yours. For I cannot say that I love, without loving you first. For God, is my first. The God that I praise, the God that loves. The God that showed me the beauty reflected in all His creation only visible in those eyes...

That's the God that I... Praise.

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