That's the God I praise...

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With a pen in my hand, the world becomes a story. A story that we are yet to tell. With a brush between our fingers, oh do I wonder what about life is not a canvas. A canvas to write on. And to me, it remains inexplicable how could God create all that we see, all that we feel, even all the we breathe. In a matter of six days. All that inspires derives from a God perfect in his creation. No flaw, no dent, no crooked or too foul a scent, for all he held before His mighty hand had a purpose in its elaboration. He that made out of our beautiful tongues, an exquisite speech, with melodious harmonies to hum and sing. A wonderful spiritual being, one that created beautiful green eyes, one that created all but a wonderful sky, and indeed the same God that created that   wonderful ingredient in Momma's pies. That's the God I praise. A God that I see through all of creation. A God that sends my mind to far off destinations. A God that fills me with holiness and all-wonderful sensations.
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It's not a how, not a why, or even a when, but rather a wow. Because awesome this is, and wonderful you are. A God that teaches me to love, and makes me contemplate the sky and all its beautiful doves. A God that makes me dwell in those eyes, a God that tells me no lies. One to deliver me, the same God that commanded thousands of tiny raindrops to form a rainbow in the heavens... That's the God I praise... A God perfect in His creation.
Who am I to say that I love? For I was loved before my creation. A God that knew me from the womb, and sang me lullabies as I came back to life in the moment of my birth. How can my words express who you are, O God? How can these lips even taste the saccharine excellence that you are? My soul is that of venom when it speaks nothing of you, yet as sweet an essence of Lilies when you dwell in my lips.
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That's the God that I praise, the God that I love. How can I say that I love, if you love even more. My love is nothing compared to yours. For I cannot say that I love, without loving you first. For God, is my first. The God that I praise, the God that loves. The God that showed me the beauty reflected in all His creation only visible in those eyes...

That's the God that I... Praise.

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  1. Amen and Praise the Lord!


  2. Amen! That was so inspirational, I think for anyone! It was very beautiful... And like I already told you, I can't really even put what I am thinking into words. It left me speechless. :) In a good way!

    -- Carey