I Will Not Fall

Though I cannot feel them, I know that they are there. Though I cannot see them, I know that they watch me. Though I cannot hear them, I know their lips speak of me. All my steps are numbered, and I seem destined to fall. And immediately when I fall, I hear the echo of my failure. I see my goals, and they seem so far. There's so many rocks along this road, and my feet are bleeding from the miles they've swallowed. It scares me to the bone to know that I may fail. It scares me to have familiar eyes look into my own with a scent of unease. It scares me even more to even have a chance to give up. Yet I know that God is there forevermore and with Him... I Will Not Fall. It scares me to imagine never having a seed of my own. It scares me to believe that I may never have a friend that will spend the rest of life with me; united as one. It scares me to think that I can not blend into familiar voices. Yet I know that God is there forevermore and with Him... I Will Not Fall. 
Horseshoe Fall, Niagara (LOC)

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Indian lotus

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I'm tired, and my body begs for mercy. I'm cold, and the sun is shrouded. I'm thirsty, and this water never satisfies. But God, and God alone, cherishes me in my deepest storm. Like a Lotus Flower, that rises from the dust of a pond, so the Lord took me out of a life of misery. A past? Indeed I do have a past. But I am now found at last. And I shall now run into His arms. Those arms that were always out to me. And with my Lord in this path... I Will Not Fall.

I've found something, someone, somewhere to cherish. I now can believe, that... I Will Not Fall. And perhaps I may exceed, and I Will Not Fall. And trust me that I know, that even in this sea that towers 100 feet over me, I Will Not Drown, for my God is my breath of life. In this cliff that sinks miles beneath me, I Will Not Fall, for my Father holds my hands. And in this Road, I Will Not Stop, for hands wait for me at the end.

Listen to the familiar voices, they now mute and are not too loud. See the familiar faces, they now blur into the crowd. Feel the familiar hands, they now crumble as quick as sand.Christ alone, has given me this Call.  And here me once more... I Will Not Fall. 
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

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blue flower

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